Rebekka Bakken presents a stirring Portrait of the Music on her Mind


Singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, and producer. Award-winning recording artist Rebekka Bakken has many caps to wear and she wears every single one of them incredibly well. From her beginnings in various school bands to her latest album, “Always On My Mind”, she has proven time and time again that she … Continue Reading →

THE OTHER SIDE – A Poetic Journey with Rachael Sage


What happens when a true artist makes the poetry of life a daily habit? That artist becomes Rachael Sage. With a career spanning three decades and covering mediums as varied as music, drawing, drama, poetry, ballet, video-making, and design, Rachael Sage is an accomplished artist who refuses to limit herself … Continue Reading →

John Legend: The Legendary Career of an Artist Extraordinaire


When it comes to the most naturally gifted musicians and songwriters in history, few will be able to match the talent and accolades of John Legend. Born John Roger Stephens, his musical skills can be traced back to a church-centered upbringing as he came from a musically gifted family highly … Continue Reading →

Tank And The Bangas – A Masterclass in Fusion Music


The year was 2011. It was open mic night at the BlackStar cafe in New Orleans, a weekly event dubbed Liberation Lounge. Glasses clinking against each other, musical instruments getting tuned, vocalists doing their warm-ups, and butterflies dancing in the bellies of excited performers. This open mic show was special … Continue Reading →

Birdy: From Soaring Talent to Full-Grown Artist


Experience can refine your abilities but natural-born talent defies the limitations of youth. For Birdy, the daughter of a concert pianist, the gift of music graced her at a young age. She began writing her own songs when she was just eight years old. In 2008, at the age of … Continue Reading →

Desi Valentine: Healer and Singer with a Unique Vocal Tone


In September of 2016, Desi Valentine’s unique vocals got universal attention when his power ballad, “Fate Don’t Know You”, played in the midseason finale of Suits. The song was released as a single the same day as its feature in season six of the legal drama series and it received … Continue Reading →

Monique DeBose – A Musician with Soul and Transformational Power


Soul music is a genre, but music with soul is Monique DeBose’s calling. For her, it’s not simply about making music, it’s about creating an experience that will transform whoever listens to her songs. DeBose is not only a beautiful singer, she’s also a motivational speaker and life coach. In … Continue Reading →

Grapefruit Season: James Vincent McMorrow is feeding the eclectic music lover


If you’re like me, the period of time the world has gone into lockdown has been a time of self-reflection. Time spent figuring out what I want to do with my life, trying out a new hobby and attempting to learn a new language. Or maybe you improved things you … Continue Reading →

Grace Pettis sings an Anthem to the Working Woman


It’s time to pay attention because Grace Pettis’ master class on feminism is in session. Born from a travelling songwriter and a poetry scholar, the love for beautiful music and powerful lyrics is in her blood. She authors or co-authors all of her songs, putting a little bit of herself … Continue Reading →

TJ Jackson and the New Generation of a Music Dynasty


When music fans talk about the most talented and successful families in the business, the Jacksons are most likely an essential part of the discussion. In 1965, soon after a young Michael Jackson and his brother Marlon joined their older brothers Jermaine, Tito, and Jackie to form The Jackson Five, … Continue Reading →