Lindsey Stirling Is Beating The Odds Outside Of The Artistic Box


Electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling perfected the art of marching to her own beat long before she became a viral internet sensation. Widely discussed in her memoir, co-authored with her sister Brooke, The Only Pirate At The Party reached The New York Times Top Ten Bestsellers list and highlights the most … Continue Reading →

Abiah: An Artist Reimagined


It’s not often that an established artist gains the freedom to reinvent himself during the course of his career. Yet this is exactly what solo vocalist Jeremiah accomplished when he re-emerged onto the scene as Abiah in 2012. It is in the transformation from Jeremiah to Abiah that this story … Continue Reading →

Foxes connects Two Passions through One Love


Singer and spokesmodel Foxes is a brand unto herself. Beyond her Grammy-winning music is her runway style, both inspired by her true love: film. Earlier this month, Foxes released her second album, All I Need. Recorded in the US, Sweden, and the UK, Foxes says, “I’m a lot more honest … Continue Reading →

Brenna Whitaker: Life Is But A Musical Dream


Earlier this year, Brenna Whitaker walked into Studio A of the legendary Capitol Records in Los Angeles to record her self-titled debut album produced by hitmaker David Foster. A long way from her native Kansas City, the golden-voiced blonde chanteuse has taken Los Angeles by storm with her vintage jazz … Continue Reading →

The Game delivers Part Two of a Hip-Hop Classic


Originally scheduled for release on January 18, 2015, exactly ten years after his much-hyped major debut, the sequel is finally here today. The Game returns with The Documentary 2 and the anticipation is that the follow-up to his classic LP will actually live up to the standard he set in … Continue Reading →

A Wolf Rises from the Ashes


The Confederate Flag is a part of the fabric of where he’s from. He was raised on Dukes of Hazzard in Alabama and Tennessee. His grandmother listened to Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf while making breakfast when he was a child. But it was Ice Cube’s and Public Enemy’s lyrics … Continue Reading →

Mary J. Blige: The Queen of Breaking Boundaries


“I was never expected to do more, jump further, go the extra mile. But breaking boundaries happened for me the minute I left Yonkers… And I won’t stop as long as I live.” These words from The London Sessions documentary mark the journey of Mary J. Blige, the Queen of … Continue Reading →

Cormega’s Return is Built on Purpose


Queens’ native son, Cormega, is somewhat slept on as an MC, yet having lived and breathed hip-hop literally all of his life, he represents the authenticity that is lacking in many of today’s recording artists who fit under the genre. Followed by a faithful audience of lyricism connoisseurs, Cormega maintains … Continue Reading →

Leela James: A Diva Taking Care of Business


In the early days of Leela James’ career of being a talented, bright-eyed and bushy-coiffed soul singer, the business side of the music industry wasn’t something that her team had handled in the most profitable way. Looking back, she acknowledges that she has the quintessential artist story of being excited … Continue Reading →

Iggy Azalea Makes Her Way To Stardom


Iggy Azalea is the personification of self-fulfilling prophecy. Read the details of her early life in Australia, and you’ll see the vision of creating her own girl group à la TLC at age 14, and taking on the persona of the gutsy Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes with hopes of becoming … Continue Reading →