Review: Pitbull – Climate Change


When you survey the career trajectory of Armando “Pitbull” Perez, it’s no wonder that he spent his childhood gleaning the motivational takeaways of his mother’s Tony Robbins cassettes. After 16 years in the game, he is not slowing down. On top of several lucrative business ventures, the swaggalicious Mr. International … Continue Reading →

Review: Depeche Mode – Spirit


Four years since the last disappointing Depeche Mode album release? Check. Generic title? Check. Bad cover design by otherwise amazing photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn? Check. Spirit has all the markings of yet another by-the-numbers Depeche Mode album, even before you hit play. But once you do, oh sweet lord, … Continue Reading →

Jessica Manning: Taking the Reins to Kick-Start her Career


Five years ago, Swedish-born and Minneapolis-based artist Jessica Manning took the do-it-yourself approach to jumpstarting her career in entertainment by uploading videos of herself singing her favorite popular songs, covering everyone from Adele and Rihanna to Bonnie Raitt. While the most popular video received nearly 60,000 views, it was a … Continue Reading →

Review: Brian Owens & The Deacons Of Soul – Soul Of Ferguson


If Instant Vintage or Gospeldelic are legitimate genres of music, as coined by Raphael Saadiq, then Brian Owens & The Deacons Of Soul certainly fit the bill. Returning with his third album, Soul Of Ferguson, Brian Owens continues on his mission of creating spirit-stirring and invigorating music in the glorious … Continue Reading →

Review: Amy Macdonald – Under Stars


After an extended hiatus that had her fans salivating and chomping at the bit for new material, Scottish singer-songwriter Amy Macdonald is back in action with her newly released fourth album Under Stars. For those who have been anxiously awaiting more of Macdonald’s signature blend of guitar-driven, optimistic rock and … Continue Reading →

Review: Rag’n’Bone Man – Human


One of the biggest breakthrough artists coming out of the UK in 2016, Rag’n’Bone Man seemed to thunder onto the scene from out of nowhere with last year’s hit single “Human”, the hugely popular track after which his just-released album is named. In reality, Rag’n’Bone Man, aka Rory Graham, has … Continue Reading →

Review: Emily Estefan – Take Whatever You Want


It’s pretty awesome when the children of legendary artists follow in their parents’ footsteps, emerging from the shadow of a notable mom or pop to forge their own path to stardom. Of course the illustrious Estefan name precedes her, but when Emily Estefan steps onto the stage, surely there are … Continue Reading →

Review: Gordon Chambers – Surrender


It’s hard to imagine that a storied stalwart of a songwriter like Gordon Chambers would have lost his way or questioned his own legacy. With over two decades of experience penning hits for superstar recording artists from Whitney Houston to Beyonce, not to mention his breakout success with Brownstone’s 1994 … Continue Reading →

Review: Devin Shelton – Sensation


Unfolding as a sensational blend of R&B, indie rock, and other exciting musical elements, Devin Shelton’s sophomore solo album, Sensation, hits a great mark in this post-Emery phase of his career. More Justin Timberlake than R. Kelly, in terms of R&B designation, Devin Shelton shines in his ability to write … Continue Reading →

Review: Blitz The Ambassador – Diasporadical


Diasporadical, fourth studio album by Blitz The Ambassador, joins the canon of African narratives by the continent’s own storytellers, creative content makers and trendsetters. Packed into three inspired acts, the collection of songs further establishes the emcee and bandleader’s trademark Afropolitan hip-hop fusion. Throughout the project you hear a now … Continue Reading →

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