Review: Gordon Chambers – Surrender


It’s hard to imagine that a storied stalwart of a songwriter like Gordon Chambers would have lost his way or questioned his own legacy. With over two decades of experience penning hits for superstar recording artists from Whitney Houston to Beyonce, not to mention his breakout success with Brownstone’s 1994 … Continue Reading →

Review: Devin Shelton – Sensation


Unfolding as a sensational blend of R&B, indie rock, and other exciting musical elements, Devin Shelton’s sophomore solo album, Sensation, hits a great mark in this post-Emery phase of his career. More Justin Timberlake than R. Kelly, in terms of R&B designation, Devin Shelton shines in his ability to write … Continue Reading →

Review: Blitz The Ambassador – Diasporadical


Diasporadical, fourth studio album by Blitz The Ambassador, joins the canon of African narratives by the continent’s own storytellers, creative content makers and trendsetters. Packed into three inspired acts, the collection of songs further establishes the emcee and bandleader’s trademark Afropolitan hip-hop fusion. Throughout the project you hear a now … Continue Reading →

Review: The Weeknd – Starboy


Starboy is a roller coaster ride of dark pop emerging as the next chapter of The Weeknd’s artistic journey. This third studio album explores the universe he’s created for his alter ego, Starboy, seen as a deeper inner-self version of Toronto-born Abel Tesfaye. He credits the last four years with … Continue Reading →

Review: Alicia Keys – Here


Fifteen years after the debut of Songs In A Minor, and a month before the release of her sixth studio album, entitled Here, Alicia Keys stood in the middle of Times Square in complete awe of the thousands of fans cheering her on. With all-star guests joining her on stage, … Continue Reading →

Review: Lady Gaga – Joanne


According to Lady Gaga, the album Joanne is about family, friendship, and learning from the past. She explains that this is “me going out into the world and bringing with me its deepest stories that I have of my life and turning them into songs.” Quite honestly, we could stand … Continue Reading →

Review: The Game – 1992


Bring up the year 1992 among a group of friends and some of the first things that come to mind undoubtedly will be the Los Angeles riots and the spectacular gold medal performance of the U.S. men’s Olympic basketball team, known as the “Dream Team”. But for The Game, then … Continue Reading →

Review: Solange – A Seat At The Table


As purveyors of Black American culture tout 2016 “the Blackest year ever”, celebrating the sheer volume of Black celebrities, athletes and content creators using their influence to speak against racial inequity across the United States, A Seat At The Table is right on time. The surprise release of Solange’s third … Continue Reading →

Review: Passenger – Young As The Morning Old As The Sea


Young As The Morning Old As The Sea is the eighth studio album Michael Rosenberg, aka Passenger, has released since 2007. “With every album you learn from the mistakes of the last one. After a while you really hone in on what you’re trying to achieve. So hopefully, by album … Continue Reading →

Review: The Head And The Heart – Signs Of Light


Touring can be an unhealthy experience even for the healthiest of people, as members of The Head And The Heart conceded at the end of their 2013 tour promoting their sophomore album, Let’s Be Still. Following a nonstop emotionally and physically exhausting tour schedule that included 200 shows of major … Continue Reading →

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