Anna Burch – Quit The Curse


“Quit The Curse”, debut solo album by singer-songwriter Anna Burch, is out now. This vibrant collection of songs from the Detroit-based artist feels sugary and upbeat, yet the lyrical themes are darker. Writing songs about her emotional struggles helped Anna Burch to end an era of uncertainty in her personal … Continue Reading →

Evidence – Weather Or Not


Evidence, member of rap group Dilated Peoples, has released his third solo album, “Weather Or Not”. This is the follow-up to his full-length debut, “The Weatherman LP”, and sophomore effort, “Cats & Dogs”, with production by DJ Premier and Alchemist, among others, featuring guest artists like Defari, Styles P, and … Continue Reading →

Phillip Phillips – Collateral


Phillip Phillips has released his third studio album, titled “Collateral”. The new record by the 27-year-old singer, songwriter, and guitarist from the US state of Georgia features the emotional lead single “Miles” and the energetic follow-up single “Magnetic”. Former American Idol judges Simon Cowell and Jennifer Lopez both revealed that … Continue Reading →

Review: First Aid Kit – Ruins


Music is therapy, we all agree. And a classic breakup album proves to be as therapeutic for the songwriter as it is for the listener. In most cases, the cathartic release that an artist undergoes to even begin creating a work of art like a ten-track album commemorating a painful … Continue Reading →

Welcome to the POP AWARDS 2018, the first annual Pop Awards


As the century comes of age at 18, and the month of January into full adulthood at 21, we celebrate the birth of the Pop Awards! With the power to melt speakers and enough depth to blow eardrums, Pop Awards 2018 is officially launched today! Presented by Pop Magazine, the … Continue Reading →

Review: Eminem – Revival


When Eminem’s bar-for-bar freestyle obliteration of America’s Dotard-in-Chief went viral in October, the expectation was that his next album would be epic. Trading in his Slim Shady persona for more anti-Trump “Woke” Shady lyrics, Marshall Mathers seems to have found a worthy theme in the release of his ninth LP, … Continue Reading →

K. Michelle – Kimberly: The People I Used To Know


K. Michelle releases her fourth studio album, entitled “Kimberly: The People I Used To Know”. Following the critically acclaimed release “More Issues Than Vogue”, the Memphis-born singer and songwriter delivers another strong LP with 21 tracks. And K. Michelle has a few things to get off her chest, speaking her … Continue Reading →

Review: Talib Kweli – Radio Silence


CNN once labeled him a “thinking man’s rapper”. As a social activist and revered MC, Talib Kweli is definitely one of the standard bearers for conscious rap. Teaming up with his comrade in the struggle, Talib Kweli and Mos Def sealed their fate as hip-hop legends almost 20 years ago … Continue Reading →

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – The Rest Of Our Life


Nashville’s most famous couple and two of country music’s biggest stars, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, have released their first collaborative album, “The Rest Of Our Life”. Hill and McGraw, who both turned 50 this year, have recorded several duets since they married in 1996, but this is their first … Continue Reading →

Review: Honey Larochelle – 11:11


11:11 is not just titled like this in reference to the eleven tracks created for this album in eleven days. In numerology, these numbers have always been associated with mystical powers evoking synchronicity, higher vibrations, and a special spirit presence. The type of spiritual elevation in feel-good music served by … Continue Reading →

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