Lizz Wright – Grace


“Grace”, sixth studio album by jazz and gospel singer Lizz Wright, is released today. Wright, who was born 37 years ago in a small town in the US state of Georgia, recently made a road trip through the southern state, reconnecting with people and places to gain inspiration for her … Continue Reading →

The Script – Freedom Child


Irish pop rock band The Script has released their fifth studio album, entitled “Freedom Child”. The trio formed in 2001 in Dublin and is based in London since recording their debut album which was released in 2008. All four of The Script’s previous LPs have topped the charts in Ireland, … Continue Reading →

Kim Tibbs: A Woman of Faith and Musical Manifestations


Songwriter Kim Tibbs is a woman of faith and manifestation. Therefore the imminent and anticipated success of her newly released debut album, Kim, which she calls a “solid soul punch of 12 songs”, will be anything but shocking for the talented vocalist. Hailing from Huntsville, Alabama, as a professional musician … Continue Reading →

Brian McKnight – Genesis


Soul singer and songwriter Brian McKnight releases his 13th studio album, titled “Genesis”. The 48-year-old recording artist celebrates the 25th anniversary of releasing his self-titled debut album which earned him a platinum plaque and sparked the hit single “One Last Cry”. With “Genesis”, Brian McKnight returns to his classic sound, … Continue Reading →

Video Of The Day: 5 Billion In Diamonds – Gravity Rules

“Gravity Rules” is the lead single from the debut album of legendary producer Butch Vig’s new band 5 Billion In Diamonds.

Steven Wilson – To The Bone


British rock musician Steven Wilson is set to release his fifth solo record, entitled “To The Bone”. Wilson, a self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist, became known as the lead singer and guitarist of Porcupine Tree, the band he founded in 1987. With “To The Bone”, Steven Wilson delivers a versatile album … Continue Reading →

Song Of The Day: Julia Biel – Wasting Breath

“Wasting Breath” is the lead single from Julia Biel’s upcoming third album.

Heartbeast – Zero


German band Heartbeast has released their debut LP “Zero”. The Hamburg-based group, with singer-songwriter Nala Lakaschus at its center, brings diverse musical influences to the table. Their backgrounds range from pop, soul and jazz to hip-hop and punk, and with devoted attention to detail they have crafted a stellar album … Continue Reading →

5 Billion In Diamonds


5 Billion In Diamonds release their self-titled debut album today. A new project by the transatlantic musical alliance of producers Butch Vig and Andy Jenks and DJ James Grillo, 5 Billion In Diamonds features an all-star cast of musicians and vocals by Helen White, Sandra Dedrick, David Schelzel, and Ebbot … Continue Reading →

Review: The Isley Brothers & Santana – Power Of Peace


When it comes to collaborations, The Isley Brothers and Santana as one legendary creative unit is pretty awesome. We’re talking over six decades of hit makers across the spectrum of American popular music between Ron and Ernie Isley, and Carlos Santana. But what is more noteworthy is how much members … Continue Reading →

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