Ro James – Mantic


R&B singer Ro James has released his sophomore album, “Mantic”. The American vocalist, who was born in Germany in 1987, retained the expertise of producers DJ Camper, Salaam Remi, and Soundz who contributed to the success of his critically acclaimed debut album, “Eldorado”. While James’ first LP was devoid of artist features, “Mantic” boasts collaborations with Brandy on the sensual “Plan B”, Miguel on the high-toned “Too Much”, and Masego with his unique vocals on the slightly upbeat “Slow Down”. Throughout the 15-track record, Ro James explores romance in a number of ways, offering a new perspective with each song. While “Last Time” showcases his confident, machismo approach to intimacy, “Baby Blue” is a welcomed display of vulnerability and humble desire. Altogether, the album follows the blueprint for rhythm and blues to the letter with its mellifluous falsettos, teasing tempos, and suggestive lyrics.

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  1. Darlyn Dyson says:

    Amazing album!!

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