Indigo Girls – Look Long


Folk music duo Indigo Girls has released their 14th studio album, “Look Long”. Amy Ray and Emily Saliers met in elementary school and began performing together in high school. Since 1985, they have developed an extensive musical portfolio as a duo and also released a few solo projects. Their new album boasts acclaimed familiarity with the return of producer John Reynolds who produced the Indigo Girls’ popular 1999 release “Come On Now Social”. Recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, “Look Long” tackles themes of politics, love, loss, and living. While opening track “Shit Kickin’” gets the pulse pumping with its funk-folk vibe, the heart settles almost too quickly contemplating aging patriotism in the follow-up song, title track “Look Long”. Harmonies beg for consideration of social justice in the rock-fueled “Muster” and the poignant lyrics of standout track “Country Radio” address the social exclusion of a gay kid in a small town. Unfortunately, most of the album sounds muddy, blurring the duo’s vocal prowess and dimming the overall listening experience considerably. For more info go to

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