Welcome to the POP AWARDS 2022, the fifth annual Pop Awards


The year is all new and we all wish we could just shake off the problems of two difficult years lying behind us, but sometimes it’s still hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, there are also moments of grace. The music industry has been … Continue Reading →

Second Print Edition of Pop Magazine to be published soon


A new print edition of Pop Magazine will be available later this month. British singer-songwriter Birdy is gracing the cover of our second special issue. The associated article tells Birdy’s coming-of-age story from soaring talent to full-grown artist. With a maturity beyond her years, embodied in the heartfelt songs on … Continue Reading →

Eric Nam – There And Back Again


Pop singer Eric Nam has released his new EP, entitled “There And Back Again”. Nam, a recording artist and television host of Korean descent, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. His first English-language album, the eight-track EP “Before We Begin”, was published in 2019. “There And Back Again” is … Continue Reading →

Patricia Kelly – Unbreakable


“Unbreakable”, the fourth solo studio album by Irish-American singer and songwriter Patricia Kelly, has been released. The 52-year-old artist of Kelly Family fame and current member of the regrouped family band delivers a powerful pop record similar to her previous solo LP, 2020’s “One More Year”. Released in the last … Continue Reading →

A New Set of Playlists


Pop Magazine has published a new set of playlists featuring the best of 2021. Based on our year-end listing of the 50 best albums, songs, and music videos, we have created three entertaining playlists for you. Pop Magazine presents the Best Albums of 2021 with music by Monique DeBose, Mick … Continue Reading →

21 Hit Songs of the Twenty-First Century


As the year 2021 is coming to a close, Pop Magazine presents a list of 21 global smash hits that have dominated the music scene in the 21st century so far. We picked one hit single from each year between January 1, 2000, and December 31, 2020. Brace yourself for … Continue Reading →

Kenny G – New Standards


“New Standards”, the 15th studio album by saxophonist Kenny G, was released today. After a five-year hiatus from recording, the 65-year-old smooth jazz maestro is back with his latest opus, inspired by the jazz ballads of the 50s and 60s. “New Standards” is a beautiful collection of eleven original songs … Continue Reading →

Desi Valentine: Healer and Singer with a Unique Vocal Tone


In September of 2016, Desi Valentine’s unique vocals got universal attention when his power ballad, “Fate Don’t Know You”, played in the midseason finale of Suits. The song was released as a single the same day as its feature in season six of the legal drama series and it received … Continue Reading →

Fools Garden – Captain… Coast Is Clear


German pop rock band Fools Garden has released their eleventh studio album, entitled “Captain… Coast Is Clear”. While they are sometimes seen as a one-hit wonder, Fools Garden’s catalog has much more to offer than just the international smash hit “Lemon Tree” from the third album, “Dish Of The Day”. … Continue Reading →

Review: Sting – The Bridge


If someone knows what it means to be in between, it’s Sting. In between countries, in between genres, in between generations. In a prolific career that spans over five decades, the singer has never been one to accept limitations or bow down to barriers. Already in the 70s and 80s, … Continue Reading →