Haley Johnsen – Goner


Haley Johnsen has released her second studio album, entitled “Goner”. After publishing her exceptional debut LP, “Golden Days”, in 2019, Johnsen was nominated for Emerging Artist Of The Year at the Pop Awards 2020. Now the 33-year-old musician from Portland, Oregon, follows up with a worthy sophomore effort. The twelve-track collection of original songs comes on the heels of several singles released over the past nine months, starting with the title tune “Goner”, a melancholic reflection on fading youth. Her honey-sweet vocals embedded in a folk rock soundscape of 70s-inspired guitar and drums, Haley Johnsen delivers the song with authenticity. She continues with equal proficiency on tracks like “Common Ground”, “Emily”, “Timeless”, and “My Brother”. For more info, including tour dates, go to haleyjohnsenmusic.com

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