Second Print Edition of Pop Magazine to be published soon


A new print edition of Pop Magazine will be available later this month. British singer-songwriter Birdy is gracing the cover of our second special issue. The associated article tells Birdy’s coming-of-age story from soaring talent to full-grown artist. With a maturity beyond her years, embodied in the heartfelt songs on … Continue Reading →

A New Set of Playlists


Pop Magazine has published a new set of playlists featuring the best of 2021. Based on our year-end listing of the 50 best albums, songs, and music videos, we have created three entertaining playlists for you. Pop Magazine presents the Best Albums of 2021 with music by Monique DeBose, Mick … Continue Reading →

21 Hit Songs of the Twenty-First Century


As the year 2021 is coming to a close, Pop Magazine presents a list of 21 global smash hits that have dominated the music scene in the 21st century so far. We picked one hit single from each year between January 1, 2000, and December 31, 2020. Brace yourself for … Continue Reading →

Here are the Winners of the POP AWARDS 2021, the fourth annual Pop Awards!


Today is the day. Pop Magazine is ready to announce the winners of the Pop Awards 2021. An incredible number of votes has been cast and counted, and the results are in. We have combined the votes from the public voting with the votes cast by our expert panel of … Continue Reading →

One more Week of Voting at the 4th annual Pop Awards


You are amazing! We are overwhelmed by how many fans have already voted at the Pop Awards 2021. Now there’s one week left to vote for your favorite artists, albums, songs, and music videos. This year, and from now on, the Pop Awards come with five additional categories. You can … Continue Reading →

THE SCORE: Fugees album turns 25


There’s something Pavlovian about the lyrics: “We used to be number ten, now we’re permanent at one.” The opening line of the first single off the legendary second album from the Fugees still conjures up the sonic experience of summer 1996. After all, the song “Fu-Gee-La”, released in December of … Continue Reading →

Welcome to the POP AWARDS 2021, the fourth annual Pop Awards


For everyone already struggling to keep their New Year’s resolutions, yearning to return to familiar habits, and for everyone craving a degree of normalcy after the challenges of the past twelve months, we can tell you that the Pop Awards are back, launching as usual on the third Sunday of … Continue Reading →

Pop Magazine got Playlists for you


For our readers and every music lover out there, we have curated some of the most awesome playlists. Since 2015, Pop Magazine has compiled the best albums and songs to create entertaining playlists for you. Since 2020, Pop Magazine has also compiled playlists with the best music videos. And for … Continue Reading →

Pop Magazine’s first Print Edition


We are just a week away from publishing the first ever print edition of Pop Magazine, the magazine of popular music! For almost seven years now, new content was made available online for our worldwide audience of music fans, and of course we will continue the digital edition, providing all … Continue Reading →

Here are The Winners of The POP AWARDS 2020, The Third Annual Pop Awards!


We asked, and you delivered. The voting period of the Pop Awards 2020 is over and your votes have been counted. A big thank you to all the fans for coming out to show love for your favorite artists, and to the expert panel for casting their ballots. The impact … Continue Reading →