Pop Magazine’s first Print Edition


We are just a week away from publishing the first ever print edition of Pop Magazine, the magazine of popular music! For almost seven years now, new content was made available online for our worldwide audience of music fans, and of course we will continue the digital edition, providing all articles on our website as usual. In addition, we are proud to offer Pop Magazine’s print edition special issue No. 1 which features TJ Jackson on the cover. The cover story – TJ Jackson and the New Generation of a Music Dynasty – explores what the young generation of Jacksons has to offer musically. TJ Jackson, nephew of the late King of Pop, MJ’s daughter Paris, and nephew Jaafar Jackson all recently launched their solo careers. Furthermore, we present all the nominees of the Pop Awards 2021, the fourth annual Pop Awards, as well as the ultimate top 50 ranking of the best albums, songs, and music videos of 2020. Pop Magazine’s first print edition will be available for free at select stores, cafes, and other venues.

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POP MAGAZINE – The Magazine of Popular Music!

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