The Game delivers Part Two of a Hip-Hop Classic


Originally scheduled for release on January 18, 2015, exactly ten years after his much-hyped major debut, the sequel is finally here today. The Game returns with The Documentary 2 and the anticipation is that the follow-up to his classic LP will actually live up to the standard he set in 2005. Since the highly-anticipated album didn’t come out as first scheduled, the release date being pushed back many times, The Game did honor the original record with a 10th anniversary celebration at the world class Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles. On deck for the celebration were two more Compton superstars: his friend, mentor and long-time collaborator, Dr. Dre, as well as the MC visionary Kendrick Lamar, both of whom released critically acclaimed albums in 2015, making it a great year for West Coast rap. Special guest appearances at the anniversary party also included Tyga, OT Genasis, Ty Dolla $ign, Schoolboy Q, and Jay Rock. But at the end of the day, with all the ra-ra and revelry, it’s The Documentary 2 that fans are really checking for at this point.

When news first broke about the possibility of The Documentary part 2, folks started getting nervous for The Game. And to keep it real, he is on record as saying that he initially got nervous himself. That first album was a game changer. With the decision to make a sequel, in many ways he faced the same issue as Nas with Stillmatic. We’re talking about the pressure and ambition to expand on a bonafide classic and build on the legacy of a consummate body of work, as far as hip-hop is concerned. In 2003, The Game signed with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath, just before another opportunity to sign with P. Diddy’s Bad Boy which would have taken his career in a totally different direction. At Aftermath, he was seen as a driving force while briefly a part of G-Unit which was short-lived after disputes with 50 Cent made The Game break off his deal. His subsequent records never achieved the same level of success as The Documentary and Doctor’s Advocate, though he remains relevant in terms of West Coast hip-hop.

Lately, The Game seems to get more exposure for his legal battles and reality TV shows than for being the rapper that brought us smash hits like “Westside Story”, “Dreams”, and the Grammy Award nominated “Hate It Or Love It”. Known for being one of, if not the most antagonistic personality on or off the mic, The Game seems to perpetually be in a dispute with another rapper, reality TV star or off-duty police officer. Being plagued with lawsuits and other incidents, antics and controversy surround The Game, and as such, being on a reality TV show has never been a conflict of interest for the rapper. His life has been an open book since day one and an opportunity is always welcomed to show his love for his children and family, as he did in Marrying The Game, or find the next Ms. Right-Now, as in She Got Game, in front of the cameras. The $3 million to star in his most recent show was a great incentive as well, as The Game is definitely not turning down any money to be on television.

In the ten years time, nothing has really changed for the rapper, he says, except now he’s a self-proclaimed sex symbol. He’s finding time to chill, recently taking his first official vacation of his career when he spent some time in the Bahamas for a friend’s wedding. With his Robin Hood Project, The Game has also tapped into his inner philanthropist by gifting random fans in need with $1000, giving away this amount of money each day leading up to the release of The Documentary 2. Despite ongoing legal battles, The Game is confident that none of the drama and extra attention is bad for his rap career. On the contrary, he’s very clear about his intention to drop The Documentary 2 as the next hip-hop classic and claims that Dr. Dre and Diddy have already given it the thumbs-up. Featuring Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Will.I.Am, Q-Tip, Diddy, Kanye West, Drake, and Future, among others, the expectation of greatness is duly warranted. When asked what difference we can expect from part 1 and 2 of The Documentary, The Game replied: “The Documentary was about me. The Documentary 2 is about us.”

Written by Mai Perkins

Originally from Los Angeles, Mai Perkins is living a genuine bona fide love affair with NYC and the music that keeps its spirit moving. While spending the majority of the last decade in Brooklyn, many of her adventures around the globe are documented on her blog: Mai On The Move!

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