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In 2018, Pop Magazine launched the first annual Pop Awards with 25 nominees across 5 categories. Each year in mid-January, we return with a new shortlist of carefully selected nominees. During a 50-day voting period, we ask you to vote for your favorites. Online voting accounts for 50% and the ballots cast by our expert panel of music journalists account for the other 50% of the total vote. Each year in March, Pop Magazine presents the winners of our precious awards. Starting with the Pop Awards 2021, there are now 10 categories and 50 nominees each year.

Taylor Swift was the first artist to win a Pop Award by winning the Artist Of The Year category in 2018. Charlie Cunningham, Deep Purple, Emily Estefan, and TLC won the other categories at the Pop Awards 2018. Tash Sultana was the first artist to win multiple awards, winning twice at the Pop Awards 2019, matched by Bon Jovi’s two wins at the Pop Awards 2021. Emeli Sande has the most nominations as a finalist in three categories at the Pop Awards 2020, matched by Monique DeBose at the Pop Awards 2022 and Eminem who has collected three nominations overall.

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Pop Awards nominees and winners by year and category:

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→ Pop Awards 2018, the 1st annual Pop Awards

All-time list of Pop Awards nominees and winners:

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Pop Awards playlists:

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