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Pop Magazine is an online music magazine created by Marven Wagner for Hotspot Entertainment. Pop Magazine is published by A-Z Publishings. The magazine was launched on April 24, 2014. By the end of 2019, Pop Magazine has published 485 articles, covering all genres of popular music: pop, rock, soul, hip-hop, dance, country, folk, blues, and jazz. To expand our portfolio, we are looking for writers with profound knowledge of popular music, especially native speakers of English living in Berlin, Germany.

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Info for artists who want to get featured on Pop Magazine

Please use our contact form to let us know about your recent or upcoming project. We will get back to you if we are interested in a collaboration. Please do not send unsolicited material to our mailing address.

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Info for freelance writers who want to write for Pop Magazine

We are looking for freelance writers with profound knowledge of popular music and culture, especially native speakers of English. Please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

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Pop Magazine’s Album Ratings

For more info on our album ratings, please visit the following page:

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (coming soon)

We try to answer all your questions on the following page:


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You will find a collection of related links on the following page:

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