Osmond Wright, professionally known as Mozez, is a Jamaican-born and London-based singer-songwriter and producer. He was touring in Jamaica with gospel group Channel Of Praise before his family moved to the UK in 1990 where he started working with the band Spirits. Then he became the lead singer with Zero 7 and his vocals are featured on their first two records, “Simple Things” (2001) and “When It Falls” (2005), which lifted his career on a major level. In 2005, Mozez released his debut album, “So Still”, on his own label. Ten years later, he published his sophomore LP, “Wings”. In 2021, Mozez released his third studio album, “Lights On”. He also published two remix albums, “Time Out” (2011) and “Dream State” (2016). Besides his own projects, Mozez co-wrote and produced songs for a number of artists, including the debut LP by Mari Conti, “Gentle Beauty” (2012), and her upcoming sophomore album.

• Born: date and place not publicly known (Jamaica)
• Active career: since 1992

Pop Magazine Accolades
All three studio LPs by Mozez are listed among Pop Magazine’s Top-Rated Albums with a rating of 4 stars or higher. His sophomore album, “Wings”, received a rating of 4.5 stars and is listed on Pop Magazine’s Best Albums of 2015 at #4 and the single “Run River” is listed at #8 among the Best Songs of 2015. His third album, “Lights On”, received a 5-star rating and the album’s lead single, “Looking At Me”, is listed on Pop Magazine’s Best Songs of 2020 at #27, while the music video for the song is listed at #43 among the Best Music Videos of 2020.

Pop Magazine Features
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So Still (2005)
Wings (2015)
Lights On (2021)

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