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Maya Azucena is an American singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. She attended LaGuardia High School in Manhattan, a school specialized in music and performing arts where she majored in singing. She scored appearances in various theater productions before her career as a solo artist took off. In 2003, Azucena independently released her first album, “Maya Who?!”, a critically acclaimed soul record. Along with her radiant live performances, this album helped her to garner respect in the music scene, leading to collaborations with hip-hop artists like Immortal Technique, DJ Spinna, Large Professor, Cormega, Redman, Buckshot, and Eminem. She also collaborated with jazz musicians like Marcus Miller and Eric Person, and appeared on the Grammy-winning “Mind Control”, debut LP by reggae artist Stephen Marley. As a cultural ambassador representing the US, Azucena has been invited to perform in diverse locations around the world.

Maya Azucena first ventured into EDM in 2007 with her club hit “Make It Happen”. In the same year, she released her second studio album, “Junkyard Jewel”. One year later, during the presidential election, she published a song inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. called “Get It Together”. Her third album, “Cry Love”, was released in 2011. Over the following years, she released several singles in the R&B and dance music genres and repeatedly toured in Europe. Maya Azucena has long been involved in human rights activism, performed at the Save Darfur rally in Washington, D.C., and participated in many other events raising awareness for social and political causes.

• Born: 04.05.1972 (Brooklyn, NY, United States)
• Active career: since 2003

Maya Who?! (2003)
Junkyard Jewel (2007)
Cry Love (2011)

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