Frank Joshua – Sense Life


“Sense Life”, the debut LP by British recording artist Frank Joshua, is out now. A therianthropic creature is gracing the album cover because the London-based singer and songwriter doesn’t want to show his face. He prefers to let the music speak for itself – and his music is truly fascinating. Frank Joshua and producer Tony White have crafted ten perfectly smooth pop songs with an undeniable 80s vibe in the vocals. Beautiful and timeless, “Sense Life” takes you on a journey of intriguing thoughts and deep emotions, opening with the wistful single “Rain”, a tale of lost love and longing. “If I” is a song about insecurity in love, while “Cry Blue” deals with sadness and loss. Loneliness is a repeating theme of the album, concluding with the amazing piano-led ballad “Loneliest Place In The World”. For music videos and more info go to

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