Fools Garden – Captain… Coast Is Clear


German pop rock band Fools Garden has released their eleventh studio album, entitled “Captain… Coast Is Clear”. While they are sometimes seen as a one-hit wonder, Fools Garden’s catalog has much more to offer than just the international smash hit “Lemon Tree” from the third album, “Dish Of The Day”. “Lemon Tree” was often described as being reminiscent of The Beatles, but the songs of “Captain… Coast Is Clear” could easily fit on any Coldplay album. The new record comes with 13 tracks including the singles “Electrify”, “Outta Love”, and “Beautiful”. Song themes and lyrics are quite savory but some tunes on the album are lacking agility, others are more vibrant with a stimulating combination of pop and rock. The LP reaches its musical peak in the song “Highest Mountain”, which steers clear of dominating pop elements.

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