Tom Grennan – Evering Road


British singer-songwriter Tom Grennan is set to release his sophomore album, “Evering Road”. Grennan, who was born and raised in Bedford, England, and is now based in London, had no aspirations in music initially. But when his plans of a professional sports career stalled, music became his passion. In 2018, Tom Grennan released his acclaimed debut album, “Lighting Matches”, and the young artist was subsequently nominated for Emerging Artist Of The Year at the 2nd annual Pop Awards. The new LP is named after the street where he used to live with his then-girlfriend and what he calls “the hub of love, the hub of heartbreak, and the hub of redemption”. Tom Grennan’s music is influenced by rock, pop, soul, hip-hop, and jazz, diverse influences apparent on his new album. “Evering Road” is guaranteed to have you dancing, crying, and smiling across its 16 tracks, just as Grennan does in the music video for “Something Better”. The singles “This Is The Place”, “Oh Please”, “Amen”, and “Little Bit Of Love” are also featured on “Evering Road”. For more info, including tour dates, go to

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