Elizabeth Cook – Aftermath


Singer-songwriter and radio host Elizabeth Cook releases her long-awaited sixth studio album, “Aftermath”. Making a move from traditional country music to synthesized pop, this new record continues the change in direction taken by her previous album, “Exodus Of Venus”. Originally from Florida, Cook comes from a musical family, with her early work full of strong country tones and Dolly Parton influences. After experiencing some difficult years following the death of several family members, a divorce, and a fire that burned her farm, these traumas shape much of the autobiographical content on “Aftermath”. Lead single “Perfect Girls Of Pop” is an interesting mix of digitized vocals with a catchy chorus and lyrics that almost seem to justify bringing a hint of country to a pop album. Cook sings, “All the perfect girls of pop / They bat their eyelashes a lot / And sing sweetly, they sing sweetly / Like they never been hurt before / Like they never had their heart slammed in a door”. Overall, the Butch Walker produced record features a good mix of pop, country, and rock, with standout songs “Thick Georgia Woman” and the aforementioned “Perfect Girls Of Pop”. For more info go to elizabeth-cook.com

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