Alanis Morissette – Such Pretty Forks In The Road


Canadian-American superstar Alanis Morissette returns with her ninth studio album, entitled “Such Pretty Forks In The Road”. The record comes eight years after her last release, “Havoc And Bright Lights”, and 25 years after her iconic third album, “Jagged Little Pill”, which sold 33 million copies and earned her five Grammys. Her new collection of songs demonstrates her rarity among her peers in being blatantly honest and realistic with her listeners on issues such as insomnia, depression, addiction, and motherhood. On “Such Pretty Forks In The Road”, Morissette offers vocal sincerity on songs like the emotional “Ablaze”, the violin-fueled “Diagnosis”, and the warm, piano-driven “Her”. Standout track and lead single “Reasons I Drink” sprawls itself over a spirited pop arrangement as it tackles addiction, while “Diagnosis” offers candor in its purest form as she brings to the fore her issues with postnatal depression and marital self-doubt. Despite tackling these heavy topics, a cathartic tone echoes through “Such Pretty Forks In The Road”. For more info, including tour dates, go to

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