Pia Salvia – Blissful Sigh


Belgian harpist and singer Pia Salvia has released her debut album, “Blissful Sigh”. Developing her craft as a musician, Salvia has traveled the world for over a decade and is now based in New York City. She describes her musical style as a fusion between jazz, pop, and world music, but the album offers even more for the curious listener to enjoy. The Kickstarter-funded LP showcases her dynamic compositions with sultry vocals in English and French. “Vague A L’ame” is an open door to a 12-track set list that offers bellowing notes and the soft whispers of a siren’s call. Expectations of the album’s progression are abruptly disrupted with the bold vibes of lead single “Dark Longing”, which is only outdone by its satisfying, trumpet-fueled reprise towards the end of the record. “Révérence” and title track “Blissful Sigh” pull the listener in with the easy exhale of Salvia’s soothing vocals and the angelic sounds of the harp. “53” and “Standing In A Dim Light” are among several songs on the album which demonstrate how well trumpet and harp go together. The penultimate track, “Too Young To Know”, is an exciting continuum of sounds that ignite and blissfully satiate. For more info go to piasalvia.com

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