Colton Dixon


Christian singer-songwriter Colton Dixon has released his self-titled EP. The five-track set follows the release of three studio albums by the American Idol alumnus, beginning with his debut record, “A Messenger”, in 2013 and follow-ups “Anchor” and “Identity”. Dixon has artfully remastered his sound over a decade-long career, offering fans a fresh experience on each project. “Colton Dixon” is an emotive, lyrical journey pleasantly adorned with resonant vocals and dynamic, uptempo beats. The opening track, “Miracles”, smoothly debunks suppositions of chance and coincidence, while “Can’t Quit You” is a charming, contemporary love song worthy of being repeated. The EP closes with feelings of longing and distant hope which ease through the paced rhythm and soulful crescendos of “Not Goodbye”. For more info go to

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