The Black Moods – Sunshine


Rock band The Black Moods has released their third studio album, titled “Sunshine”. The Arizona-based three-man band is headed by vocalist and guitarist Josh Kennedy who describes the new record as a defining venture on their musical journey. Following the 2016 release of their sophomore project, “Medicine”, the trio decided to walk away from a record label that didn’t view the group as a radio band. Since their departure, The Black Moods have produced several successful singles, each an installment on the hard-hitting 10-track record. Title track “Sunshine” opens the album with a fun, sing-along chorus not to be outdone by the enticing chords strung in the succeeding “Bella Donna”. “Whatcha Got” is a true rocker girl anthem, while “Throwing Shade” shamelessly dishes life back its lemons. It’s safe to say that no moods were harmed, nor in any way dimmed in the making of this album. For more info go to

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