Desmond – Happiness Is Priceless


“Happiness Is Priceless”, debut album by Jamaican reggae artist Desmond, has been released. The Kingston-bred singer and songwriter gravitated to music and theater early in life. Over the years, Desmond has become an experienced choir director and absorbed himself in every aspect of musical creativity. Now based in New York City and with his LP out in the world, the brilliant vocalist hopes to demonstrate his talents to a broader audience by moving forward as a solo artist. Desmond presents a balanced mix of reggae and contemporary R&B music with the unmistakable theme of money spending itself throughout the ten-track album. Opening track “Rise Up” is an encouragement to lifting one’s self up, while the title track, “Happiness Is Priceless”, emphatically reminds listeners that contentment can’t be bought. Credit troubles yield to the wistful sound of the saxophone in “Hiding My Car” as does homelessness in “Make My Life”. This marvelous record was created in collaboration with well-known reggae musicians and producers including Dean Fraser, Mikey Bennett, and Sidney Mills. For more info, including tour dates, go to

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