Hazel English – Wake Up!


Australian-American musician Hazel English has released her debut studio album, “Wake Up!”. The record comes after the pop singer’s first EP in 2016 and its rerelease in 2017 as part of the double EP compilation, “Just Give In / Never Going Home”. English, whom fans have come to associate with the dream pop subgenre, uses the distinctness of her juxtaposing vocals to permeate a pleasantly brooding sound over high and low tempos throughout her new record. “Wake Up!” boldly and smoothly tackles topics such as the dynamics of power in relationships, passivity in society and the need to be awakened. Songs like “Shaking” are invitingly reminiscent of embarking on new journeys while the struggle of trying to break free can be heard in the retro-infused “Off My Mind”. The classic feel of Motown oozes through in the relaxed “Five And Dime”, a tale of frustrated attachment. The well-balanced record comes to a close with the hopeful, yet subtle, pleading sounds of “Work It Out”. For more info go to hazelenglish.com

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