Neelam – Different


Emerging hip-hop artist Neelam has released her sophomore EP, “Different”. Originally a spoken word poet, she gained recognition in January 2018 when she posted a video for the “What y’all wanna do?” challenge which she credits as her first attempt at rap. Since then, Neelam has worked with artists such as Erykah Badu and has released her debut EP, “Crown”, in February 2019. The “Different” EP includes the single “Secret Meetings”, the Freeway and Quie Francis assisted “Never Catch Me Slippin”, and “Rick James” in which she showcases her potent writing ability. Her lyrics tackle everything from politics to relationships and the representation of women in music. The 33-year-old fashionista, wife, and mother of two intends to use her music as a means of activism and a way to present an alternative narrative and image in hip-hop.

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