Jason Becker – Triumphant Hearts


“Triumphant Hearts”, the new studio album by legendary composer and guitarist Jason Becker, has been released. Becker was born almost 50 years ago in Richmond, California, and at age 16 he formed the heavy metal band Cacophony together with his friend and fellow guitar virtuoso Marty Friedman, releasing albums in 1987 and 88. Both artists also made their solo debuts in 1988, but Jason Becker’s performing career was cut short when he gradually lost his ability to play the guitar due to ALS, later also losing the ability to speak, only able to communicate with his eyes since 1996. Yet, with the help of a computer, Becker still composes fantastic songs. “Triumphant Hearts” is an amazing mix of classical compositions with performances by some of the greatest rock guitarists, like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Joe Bonamassa, plus unreleased recordings of Jason Becker himself. For more info go to jasonbecker.com

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