Review: The Game – Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf


Compton-based rapper The Game does what he does best in his newest release: trap-flavored, new-school manifestos to gangster life and status. The artist’s sixth studio album, the first since Jesus Piece of 2012, is also the first on his self-made record label Blood Money Records. I went into this album … Continue Reading →

Review: You+Me – Rose Ave.


Friends for many years, platinum recording artist Pink thought that maybe one day Dallas Green would be interested in collaborating with her. Considering his voice most angelic, she invited him to jam with her, renting a studio just in case inspiration hit. Coming into the situation, Dallas had never written … Continue Reading →

Review: Prince – Art Official Age


What exactly does one expect of music royalty when he drops his 33rd studio album? When that royalty is Prince Rogers Nelson, whose career has spanned thirty-eight years, anticipation exceeds expectation for the legend. In the four years since his last album, 20Ten, Prince has acquired an alternate band to … Continue Reading →

Review: Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga – Cheek To Cheek


This September, the charming legend, Tony Bennett, and provocative pop star, Lady Gaga, released their duets album Cheek To Cheek, a collaborative project that fashions the two entertainers together in an unexpected way. The ultimate 21st century odd couple, you may be tempted to think of a Bennett-Gaga collaboration as … Continue Reading →

Review: Jennifer Hudson – JHUD


In 2004 Jennifer Hudson took the world by storm with her dynamic vocal performances on American Idol. Since then she’s experienced incredible triumphs and heartbreaking tragedy and yet continues to reinvent herself as an artist with each passing phase. Snatching a coveted Academy Award for her performance in Dreamgirls (2006) … Continue Reading →

Review: Lenny Kravitz – Strut


Making a return this week is Lenny Kravitz with his 10th album, “Strut”. Or as it could more accurately be deemed, “Slump”. Since 1989 the eccentric rock star has provided the world with electric riffs, jamming bass lines and musical originality, with his “Greatest Hits” compilation in 2000 being his … Continue Reading →

Review: Lecrae – Anomaly


The sanctified division of hip hop was established nearly two decades ago with The Cross Movement, the biblically conscious rap group out of Philadelphia who raised the bar of Christian rap to a highly respected level. Where they set the tone for scripturally sound rhymes that exhorted the spiritual tenets … Continue Reading →

Review: Maroon 5 – V


Flicking on the electro lights with their fifth album, “V”, Maroon 5 have presented us with quite a conundrum. Having definitely abandoned their indie-funk groove, the sextet has released an over-produced electro-pop plethora of relationship angst. The conundrum is this: will loyal fans respond to such a drastic change and … Continue Reading →

Review: Y’Akoto – Moody Blues


Looking for the simplicity in music, Y’Akoto has released her second album Moody Blues as a follow-up to her 2012 debut, Babyblues. She is an old-fashioned girl by self-definition who sticks to what works for her. What she sees and feels, she speaks about in her lyrics. And there is, … Continue Reading →

Review: Asa – Bed Of Stone


Asa, the French-Nigerian acoustic rock diva adored by many, has dropped her highly anticipated third album, Bed Of Stone. A follow-up to her 2007 debut Asa (Asha) and her sophomore album Beautiful Imperfection in 2010, Bed Of Stone paints the type of musical pictures that Asa prefers to develop as … Continue Reading →

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