Review: Snoop Dogg – Bush


Snoop Dogg has seen such great success in his many incarnations as an artist, business mogul and all around family guy. He’s been the front man of a number of reality TV franchises. He’s been on the sideline as Coach Snoop seeing many young student athletes through high school sports … Continue Reading →

Review: Mumford & Sons – Wilder Mind


We are living during a time in music unlike any other. Genres are changing, blending together in piercing combinations that leave us craving for more. As one of the originators of neofolk, Mumford & Sons are well aware of the effect this musical shift has over pop culture. In the … Continue Reading →

A Wolf Rises from the Ashes


The Confederate Flag is a part of the fabric of where he’s from. He was raised on Dukes of Hazzard in Alabama and Tennessee. His grandmother listened to Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf while making breakfast when he was a child. But it was Ice Cube’s and Public Enemy’s lyrics … Continue Reading →

Review: Yelawolf – Love Story


More often these days, the hip-hop industry is reverting to the roots of the genre by creating a marriage of rock and roll, blues, and folk with modern vocal acrobatics. The combination of rhythms in a silky twang and machine gun chorus create a new wave of hip-hop that can … Continue Reading →

Celebrating Pop Magazine’s 1st Anniversary


Today marks the one-year anniversary of Pop Magazine and we want to take this opportunity to say that we are happy to have you as a reader. Pop Magazine has seen some nice growth since its launch one year ago: more writers, more content, and most importantly more readers. Still … Continue Reading →

Review: Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color


Things have happened pretty quickly for roots rock band Alabama Shakes and their rise to stardom. The group formed in Limestone County, Alabama, and has gone from relative obscurity to playing iconic venues like Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival and Coachella within just a few years. But if you ask … Continue Reading →

Review: Mel Parsons – Drylands


New Zealand’s Mel Parsons has a lot to say about living life to the fullest extent of opportunity and possibilities. Perhaps the most poignant lyrics of her new studio album Drylands come from these lines that state: “Don’t wait your whole life hoping that things might change, don’t wait your … Continue Reading →

Review: Kenny Lattimore – Anatomy Of A Love Song


I’m a writer and musician. I’m also an unashamed 90s R&B nut. The way I grew up resulted in an unrelenting exposure to the likes of Jodeci, Joe, Blackstreet, Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, and a plethora of other sensitive, soulful black singers – including Kenny Lattimore, who initially found … Continue Reading →

Review: Brian Wilson – No Pier Pressure


If you consider the epic body of work that Brian Wilson, mastermind of the celebrated surf rock group The Beach Boys, has contributed to the canon of American popular music, then you can’t help but feel a twinge of dissatisfaction when listening to his latest solo record No Pier Pressure. … Continue Reading →

Review: Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly


Say you took every lyric from the album To Pimp A Butterfly and printed them in a small handbook, this book would be the required reading in a life course entitled “Let’s Get Free”. The third studio album by Compton’s poet laureate Kendrick Lamar is unrivaled in its complexity and … Continue Reading →

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